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Genesis 1:11



Mary Kinsinger's Hawkins County Tennessee Cemetery and Obituary History Project

It is new beginning for Mary Kinsinger's Hawkins County Tennessee Cemetery and Obituary History Project.

This data represents the life work of our friend Mary Kinsinger who spent countless hours researching the Hawkins County Tennessee archives to produce a definitive work on its cemeteries and those who rest there.

Before Mary's death in August 2011 she passed along her computer, data and the files and documents representing her research on to us here at Meadowbrook Farm with the hope that some day we could make this information available for all via the internet.

Prior to her research, which represents many and varied sources, this information existed only on her computer. It is our priviledge to have migrated that data to a production MS SQL data base which now lives on the internet and is available to all to use without any cost to you, the interested party.

Mary Kinsinger

January 6, 1914 - August 3, 2011

We published this information a few years ago, however, due to its popularity our internet service provider suspended its use. Now, in its second incarnation our new provider assures us that will not happen.

We hope you find this information useful in your own personal research. Mary compiled information contained in this system that cannot be found elsewhere without tremendous effort on your part.

To begin your research, simply click on the tombstone icon located on the right side of our dashboard below. For information on how to use the system, refer to the help file located on the window where it is displayed.

If you do, please pass the link to this site along to anyone else you may know seeking information on the people that lived and are buried here in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

For more information about this project please contact us here at the farm by clicking on the mailbox on the dashboard.

Good luck with your research!

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